"The Only Source of
Knowledge is Experience."
Albert  Einstein
Programs for Schools

1. Syllabus mapped  
Year-long science activity program        for classes 1st to 8th and 9th-10th

2. One day  Workshops

3. Hands-on Science Competitions
Week-end programs:
Only at SSS Centers

1. SSS Junior (for age group 7 to 10Yrs)
2. SSS Level-01 (for age group 10 to 13Yrs)
3. SSS Level-02 (for age group 11 to 15Yrs)

These are elaborate Hands-on-Science-Activity Program for school students that happen only at SSS centres.

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L Green Ventures is comitted to cultivate Habit of Science Experimentation in Children
Specialised in Hands-on-Science Learning Programs for
schools/ students/ science teachers/ parents
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2010 - 2016
“Give me a rod long enough and a fulcrum and I will move the earth” -Archimedes                     
Present State of Science Education in Schools/ Colleges
"Adolescence is like having only enough light to see the step directly in front of you." - Sarah Addison Allen (in 'The Girl Who Chased the Moon)

Steps to Success?  It is SCIENCE!

Science gives a habit to find Solutions.

You desire your young children mastering science? The only way to inculcate 'real science' is by doing it.

If you have an earnest desire to make a difference in science-education; we can work on the 'Science Quotient' together.

We conduct SSS classes at our centres, we train caring teachers-mentors in order to help the younger generation in schools
Students are always eager to learn science by activities.

This is the STUDENT's VOICE

What we can do for you?

SCHOOLS: Help you Introduce Syllabus based Science Activity (with a brand name Sunday Science School" program in your school.
2. Outstation schools can workout a plan with us for a period of 1 to 2 months to improve upont the 'Science Quotient' for their school.

3. Short duration workshops: Our One-Day programs-  Sunday Science School TM

4. Hands-on Science competitions with a theme for the entire school.

* Please note the minimum enrollment for any program shall be  300 students.

* We recommend that the hands-on science concept be made mandatory to every student.  -  Dr Sujata Virdhe
For past few years we have been conducting Hands-on-Science Competitions by providing  identical activity kits to children and giving a challenge. So far 10000 students participated in 7 Indian states. Our earlier competitions were 'Making Hand-heldWindmill - 2013' and 'Air-powered Electrical Car - 2014'
All the Experimentsl Materials are "Take Away Kits" in all the programs of SSS. The notes on the relevant science concepts are the integral part of SSS programs
If you are a school, and willing to change the pattern of science education through hands-on-science activities, we will be happy to partner with you  More...
If you are a student 7-15 years old, look for your nearest SSS center to join or contact us for more details
SSS is an equal opportunity Entrepreneurial model for Science lovers with Science / Engineering back ground and passion for Science,  anywhere in India or abroad. 
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The Power of Science IS "IDEAS"
Hands-on-Science Activity Program