"The Only Source of Knowledge
is Experience." -
Albert  Einstein
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'Sunday Science School' is an elaborate Hands-on-Science-Activity Program for school students that happen at SSS centres.

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Air Powered Electrical Car
Specialized in Hands-on-Science Learning Programs for School Students
Theme: To Reduce Pollution in the Environment
29th June (Sunday) Participation:  2000 students
Age groups: 9-11 yrs and  12-15 yrs
Objective: To stimulate children’s scientific creativity
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Mega Science Contest 2014 - Selected Participants for Grand Finale
Sl Name Age School Straight Distance  (Feet) T(Sec) Speed (Km/Hr) Image/ Comments
1 AKSHAR JOSHIPURA 10 DPS EAST 9 1.7 5.81 A light-weight and strong enough chassis to keep the weight to minimum
A light-weight switch to operate easily and save the batter.       The given fan elevated on the given block to get enough air to drag
Light-weight cardboard bushes to keep the wheels from wobbling
The chassis in aerodynamic shape like a skateboard
No change in wheels or axles or the motor or the fan
2 SUBHAMOY Maiti 10 St Mary's Convent 9 1.9 5.2  
3 FIZAAN KHAN 11 DPS EAST 9 1.9 5.2 This is the car I call the Green Car. It wasn't having anything extra other than the kit which was provided to me via the school. I only gave it a cardboard body which had a hole in the front. That hole allowed the fan to draw out air from the front and push it backward. The air flow going back pushed the car forward.
4 ARNAV 10 New Horizon Public School 9 2 4.94 My car was primarily made with the help of the "Air Push Car- Making Kit" but with a better connection wiring work, along with a small on/off switch and a yellow paper covering. I named it "Speed Z". Because this was a car for "race", I had to keep it very simple to avoid making it heavy and difficult to move...as the primary condition was to use the same motor provided in the "kit".
5 Yadukrishnan 11 Vagdevi Vilas School 9 2 4.94  
6 Sankalp 12 PSBB 9 2 4.94 I have done 2 modifications to my Air Push Car. First one is that I attached a magnet and the 2nd is I added a switch.
Why did I attach a magnet? I did so because; we were not allowed to change the batteries. So, I attached  ‘RARE EARTH MAGNETS’ which would increase the magnetic field. This helps the propeller move faster. I have used a ‘RARE EARTH MAGNET’ because it has more magnetic field than the ordinary magnet, and also this magnet comes in a smaller size.
Why did I add a switch? The reason I have added a switch is that I will find it easier to operate the vehicle.   
7 Nilesh 13 India Internation al School 9 2 4.94  
8 LEO FRANK 13 New Horizon Public School 9 2 4.94 I have used a helicopter fan. The car is operated by the push of switch.I have used 4 wheels instead of 2.There are 2 wheels in the front and 4 wheels at the back . The fan is placed at the front.
9 POONANNA A G 14 Sindhi High School 9 2 4.94  
10 Darshan.P.Teerth 14 Poorna Prajna High, Yelahanka 9 2.06 4.79  
11 SHRI SUDARSHAN  S 11 St Mary's Convent 9 2.1 4.7  
12 Mohammed AZEEM 10 St Mary's Convent 9 2.3 4.29  
13 Ajith.N.Kale 12 Vagdevi Vilas School 9 2.35 4.2  
15 Abhay Krishnaa Natha 12 DPS South 9 2.4 4.11 I used a cone shape for speed and I have used a pull pressure. When I pull it back and leave the car it goes in a great speed. I have attached the picture of my motor car.
16 K Caitlyn 12 NATIONAL CENTER FOR EXCELLEN CE 9 2.5 3.95  
17 BHARATH GOWDA 12 St Mary's Convent 9 2.5 3.95  
18 KEERTHAN 14 Sindhi High School 9 2.5 3.95  
19 ALEN PHILIP George 11 St Mary's Convent 9 2.56 3.86 The car is a result of excellent yet simple weight distribution. The materials used have been selected with lots of thoughts to increase the performance of the car in all aspects .The minimal friction and maximum grip generated by the thin groved 2 rubber tires in the back and 2 plastic tires in the front ensures stability and maximum usage of torgue generated by the wind motor. The weight distribution careful selection of parts like tires and chassis and thoughtful placement of the motor makes this car cover 9 feet in 2.56 seconds which shows that the car  is moving fast and reasonably stable in a straight line....
20 Amit 13 DPS NORTH 9 2.6 3.8 I think the following factors determined the sorted of my car:
1. Its weight.  More weight means more friction and less speed. So I minimized the weight as much as I could.  Note that the switch was also made of paper clips. There is no unnecessary parts in the car.
2. Area of contact between the wheels and the ground. More area means more friction and therefore less speed. I minimized the area by putting rubber bands on all the wheels (please see the pictures). I also took care to see that the bands were not twisted. These also have the car a little bouncy-ness which may have helped too.
3. Propeller and it's tilt. I took care to mount the propeller as horizontally as possible to direct all the thrust backwards horizontally. Else,  some of the thrust would have been wasted,  either trying to lift the car up or to pushing it down. A bigger propeller may have helped increase the thrust,  but I didn't have any. Also the angle of the tilt of the propeller blades is important too.
4. Wheel size.  Very small wheels make it difficult for the car to go in a straight line I found.  I tried bigger wheels with CDs too, as they are also thin,  but that did not work better,  may be because they were also heavier. So I went with the wheels provided with the kit.
It was nice participating in the car race. Frankly,  I was also a bit surprised that the car put up a decent performance (2.6 sec/9 ft).
21 SHRIRANG 13 NATIONAL CENTER FOR EXCELLEN CE 9 2.62 3.77 Here are the main features of the car,
1.The car is a result of excellent yet simple weight distribution, which ensures the stability of chassis and wheels and makes it not too heavy or not too light.
2.The car is stable in a straight line, that is, it doesn’t deviate off track in a huge manner.
3.The materials used have been selected with lots of thought, to increase the performance of the car in all aspects.
4.The minimal friction and maximum grip generated by the thin grooved rubber tires ensures stability, good aerodynamics and maximum usage of torque generated by the wind motor.
5.The materials used and the design structure of the car ensure that the car endures a crash to some extent.
6.The weight distribution , careful selection of parts like tires and chassis and thoughtful placement of the motor makes this car cover 9 feet in 2.62 seconds(without going off track for 9ft out of 10 ft.) which draws to the conclusion that the car is fast and reasonably stable in a straight-line
The car made by me for this competition is not complete innovation. Along with the innovation, the car has been thoroughly engineered, because innovations don’t work without proper engineering and execution, and my dream is that my model car’s concept will be put to practical use in the future.
22 Sharvesh R 10 OUTREACH SCHOOL 9 2.66 3.71 I like to become a good scientist for our country. I love cars
I like to share few things about my experiment of my Air Powdered model.
It was made of the kit provide to us.
I fixed the 4 wheels, one pair of 3V Battery and on off switch, a fan, few bullet plastic models was fixed, Name of the car  is Bullet Car. It went straight in the track of 9 ft with the speed of 2.66.

23 S. SHASHANK Simha 14 VIJAYA HIGH SCHOOL 9 2.66 3.71 I would like to mention the following points.
The Model of Air powered car works on Newtons  third law of motion. According to Newtons third Law of motion for every action there is an opposite and equal  reaction.
The speed of the car is proportional to the speed of the motor and also depends on the weight of the car.
I have made the body of the car  Aerodynamical  in shape.
Total body of  the car is designed adopting  a venturi section which causes a Nozzle effect.
In actual design the weight of the car can be reduced by using composite materials.
24 SHAMANTH KUMAR SHETTY 13 St Mary's Convent 9 2.69 3.67 I planned to design a less costing, energy saving and a smart looking car.
My car is aerodyn shaped,which helps it to move swiftly.
I designed the wheel base equally,thus distributing load and also for technical advantages.
25 AMARESHWAR REDDY 15 St Mary's Convent 9 2.7 3.66  
26 ESHWAR Jalan 11 OUTREACH SCHOOL 9 2.78 3.55 My car is specialy designed. The tyres i have put are reverse so that the air passes abd wire are reversed and attached to the motar so that the fan moves very fast.these ard the spe ial things in my car
26 DIVAKARAN K 15 St Mary's Convent 9 2.78 3.55  
27 SOHAN M 14 St Mary's Convent 9 2.81 3.51 Air Push Car’ works on the basis of the Newton’s third law. Force of an air backwards pushes the car forward.
28 DIYA ADIGA 10 DPS EAST 9 2.87 3.44 We wanted to keep the overall design light weight. Since the motor / fan and batteries were standard, the weight of the car would impact the speed. Further we did not have any parts in front of the fan - which would affect the air flow into the fan and hence the speed.
For better aerodynamics, we had a small paper flap in front of the battery case, which would reduce any air resistance.
29 Chirag.S.Gowda 10 POORNAP RAJNA EC PRIMARY YELAHANK A 9 2.9 3.41  
30 SAMARTH KULKARNI 10 DPS EAST 9 2.9 3.41  
31 Prajwal K 12 PRARTHAN A SCHOOL 9 2.9 3.41  
32 Chirag Doshi 12 DPS South 9 2.97 3.33  
33 Girish Prabhu
9 Sishugriha Mount High School 9 2.99 3.3  
We at Sunday Science School are very proud of YOU children who showed the spirit of participation in this unique Hands-on-Science Contest. We know that there were brilliant designs by many of you and just missed to be qualified for the Finale. However 'Spirit of Participation' itself is a SUCCESS rather than watching as a by-stander. Each one of you have the potential to be a leader in Science. We are also overwhelmed by the synergy between you and your parents/ grand parents, who came at the contest venue and were equally engrossed in this contest. The true success to us out of this contest is that we succeeded in giving a meaningful opportunity for parents to be with children in supremely creative way. The joy that is missed out in New-era-parenting.

At Sunday Science School, we encourage children to go completly Hands-on with Science. We must share here, 100% of the participants expressed that they want to learn 'science by doing'.

Learning Science by Doing, creates simple and novel ideas. The simple ideas can have very large potential. If you observe, all Nobel Prizes are the outcomes of very basic simple idea. We have been missing Nobel Prize from Indian Soil since 1931 (after Sir C V Raman in 1930). Can we dream to bring that glory back to India by engaging ourselves in going absolutely Hands-on with Science?
- Dr Sujata Virdhe
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